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When you engage in work that aligns with your purpose, it translates into a lasting impact that matters. At Lantower, we help you discover your passions and leverage your talents for a more successful and meaningful career.



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Lantower Residential adopts a people-first approach, offering you an exceptional platform to build a meaningful and gratifying career. We deeply value the contributions of every associate and embrace diverse perspectives, empowering you to explore new horizons and transform ambitious visions into impactful realities. By fostering a nurturing environment that supports your personal growth, development, and overall well-being, you gain the ability to cultivate meaningful connections with our residents, creating a positive and transformative impact on their lives.

The culture and the people are why I love working for Lantower. I’ve only worked for a few companies in my career, the last one being 18 years, and I’ve never experienced the respect, kindness, encouragement, and overall well-being that I feel at Lantower. 

Central Finance Team

This is honestly the best place I’ve ever worked. I’ve never been able to have so much access to the people that sign my check as I do here. I’ve never felt so included in decisions – and my ideas are actually used. I don’t feel like a number with this company. I feel like everyone knows my name.

Maintenance Manager

We created care bags for underprivileged children in poverty-ridden communities as our company’s MLK day of service. It warmed my heart as we delivered the bags, and the kids were overwhelmed with joy because it was rare they had anyone perform a random act of kindness for them. I’m proud to say I work at an organization that takes time out of their busy schedules to make a difference in someone’s life.

Community Manager

We work together to make transitions as easy as possible. We trust our leaders to make the right choices for the company and for our associates. We hire people from diverse backgrounds. Not everyone has a degree, but all of us have something to contribute toward changing the future of Lantower.

Office Manager

I’m inspired by how much our company cares about building and providing high quality, innovatively designed communities. I’m so excited to be a part of our growth. There is so much support here and it is also amazing to me that executive leadership is always so available

Area Manager

The culture at Lantower is real.  There is a real sense of pride in how people perform in their roles and how focused they are on succeeding and making Lantower a great place to work.

VP Facilities

The culture at Lantower is real.  There is a real sense of pride in how people perform in their roles and how focused they are on succeeding and making Lantower a great place to work.

Development Accounting Manager

The Spirit of Lantower

Our Culture

At the heart of our organization lies an enthusiastic spirit that infuses every aspect of our work. This unspoken force is the backbone of our culture, empowering us to rise above challenges, embrace innovation, and continuously exceed expectations together. We embody a sense of camaraderie and mutual support, recognizing that success is not an individual pursuit but a collective triumph. The fusion of diverse perspectives, our commitment to inclusivity, and an insatiable drive to push boundaries result in an experience that sets Lantower apart and empowers us to achieve incredible accomplishments together.

Building a Brighter Future for All

From the beginning, we have stood as advocates for inclusivity and fairness throughout our organization. This commitment is a true reflection of our ethical compass and our determination to positively impact society. We built our business upon the foundational pillars of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), which are deeply ingrained in our identity and align with our core values and personal beliefs. Through our dedicated DEIB program, we constantly strive for improvement. We actively listen, learn, and evolve to guarantee that our organization remains a secure and empowering environment for everyone involved.

careers empowered by our differences employee photo

At Lantower Residential, we offer a wide range of career opportunities, each playing a pivotal role in our collective success.

Property Management

Property Maintenance

Home Office

Associate Development

We are dedicated to the growth and development of our associates, from entry-level to executive positions. Our commitment includes investing in individualized career development plans and providing life skills training for holistic success.

To foster effective leadership, we have introduced the Lantower Leadership Development Program (LLDP), which explores cultural leadership principles and embraces a collaborative and influential leadership style.

This program utilizes the renowned MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and Firo-B personality assessments to help you better understand your strengths, preferences, and interpersonal dynamics. By enhancing your communication, collaboration, and leadership abilities, these insights empower you to excel. The LLDP goes beyond assessments and offers additional benefits such as executive coaching, Franklin Covey materials, and other practical tools, enabling you to navigate complex business environments and achieve exceptional results. By investing in our associates at every level, we are cultivating an agile and engaged workforce equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in today’s ever-evolving professional landscape.

Perks & Benefits

Paid Parental Leave

We offer 100% paid parental leave for up to 6 weeks to all associates, regardless of gender or family structure.

$1,000 Maintenance Toolkit

All maintenance associates receive a complimentary toolkit valued at $1,000.

Housing Discount

We offer a discounted rental rate for associates who live in a Lantower community.

Cell Phone Reimbursement

We provide a monthly cell phone reimbursement, making it easier to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues.

Tuition Reimbursement

We invest in our associates’ future by offering tuition reimbursement for higher-education programs and industry-related certifications.

Hybrid Work Schedule

We proudly offer hybrid work opportunities for select roles that allow you to enjoy the benefits of being in the office and working remotely.

Hiring Process

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Search available opportunities and submit your resume for review.

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Speak with a current associate over the phone, virtually, or in person.

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